Blessed my life..

Here I am sharing an experience that has been one of the best experiences in my life, with music… The very first time I heard “Shukriya Tera” was on 7th February 2013 when I was at a church and two girls were supposed to dance to the song. The very first strum of the guitar… and I closed my eyes… every word, every beat, every melody touching my soul… I opened my eyes with the very last beat of the drum only to realize I was in tears… I wasn’t at my church then, we were guests at the church and a different place altogether. I wiped my tears… something within me just kept breaking me down throughout the song. Ever since, not a single day passed without “Shukriya Tera”; Every time I listened to the song it gave me new understanding of my Creator. I have been a migraine patient for the past six years of my life… have been under medication which finally ended only in painkillers. After I got “Shukriya Tera” on my cell phone, I played it every time I sensed a migraine attack; I played the song on a soothing volume and retired to bed. Healing flowed through the song… I did not have to look for painkillers anymore… GLORY TO GOD!!! Dear AAGHAAZ, my prayers and best wishes are always with you…May THE ALMIGHTY BLESS YOU IN A GREAT MEASURE AS YOU CONTINUE TO BLESS LIVES….AND CREATE LIFE GIVING MUSIC…!

Love you….. Caron Lepcha.