Having The Right Attitude

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Having The Right Attitude!

Luke 8:40-48 & 19-21

We probably have heard a lot about the woman with issue of blood flow for 12 years. But today let’s have a different perspective to it yet finally coming to the same conclusion!

When we read Vs 19 and Vs 43, we see two women here-

1.     Mother of Jesus and 2. The 12 year’s sick woman.

Both these women wanted to come near Jesus. One could make it and the other could not. Why? Let’s talk about these two women to understand what attitude should we have to come to Jesus?

1.     Mother of Jesus- Mary!

  1. She was the Chosen One! – Luke 1:28
  2. She was the Highly Favored One by God – Luke 1:30
  3. She was the Mother of Jesus – Related to Jesus
  4. An angel visited her to give the promise – Luke 1:26,27

2.     Woman with the Issue of Blood Flow

  1. She was the ‘Thrown Aside One’. (Blood flow issue women were put out of the community in those days)
  2. She was a ‘NO FAVOR’ Woman. (None of the doctors could heal her. No medicines were in favor of her)
  3. She was not related in anyways to Jesus.
  4. She neither had an angel visiting her nor any human.


The Mother of Jesus had a ‘Casual Approach’ towards Jesus (Vs 19, 20)

But the approach of the woman with blood issue was NOT casual! There were so many people crowded around Jesus just to see what wonders will He be doing in people’s lives. But this woman was not there just to see what Jesus will do for others; she was there to see what Jesus will do for her!

So here are two  ‘Right Attitudes’ one should keep to come to Jesus and receive:

  1. Come to Jesus to have Him work in You and not just to see Him work for others (Vs 44)
  2. Come to Jesus with FAITH (Vs 48 – she had come with all faith) Faith was the only thing which gave her all the strength to fight the crowd and reach Jesus. Mother of Jesus was not sick, but still she could not push the crowd to see Jesus!

Friends, no matter how closely we know Jesus like Mary the mother of Jesus, we should have the Right Attitude to meet him like the Woman with the issue of blood flow. Right attitude to Worship Him, Right Attitude to Praise Him.

God bless!

-Amit K

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