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Posted on 29 Nov 13 Testimonial | 11 Comments

Here I am sharing an experience that has been one of the best experiences in my life, with music… The very first time I heard “Shukriya Tera” was on 7th February 2013 when I was at a church and two girls were supposed to dance to the song. The very first strum of the guitar… and I closed my eyes… every word, every beat, every melody touching my soul… I opened my eyes with the very last beat of the drum only to realize I was in tears… I wasn’t at my church then, we were guests at the church and a different place altogether. I wiped my tears… something within me just kept breaking me down throughout the song. Ever since, not a single day passed without “Shukriya Tera”; Every time I listened to the song it gave me new understanding of my Creator. I have been a migraine patient for the past six years of my life… have been under medication which finally ended only in painkillers. After I got “Shukriya Tera” on my cell phone, I played it every time I sensed a migraine attack; I played the song on a soothing volume and retired to bed. Healing flowed through the song… I did not have to look for painkillers anymore… GLORY TO GOD!!! Dear AAGHAAZ, my prayers and best wishes are always with you…May THE ALMIGHTY BLESS YOU IN A GREAT MEASURE AS YOU CONTINUE TO BLESS LIVES….AND CREATE LIFE GIVING MUSIC…!

Love you….. Caron Lepcha.


  1. Ajit

    A wonderful testimony…. God bless

  2. song ‘Shukriya tera’ is very very awesome song. . . When 1st time h had heard it,it gave me so many blessings n anointing n i started my day from this song ‘shukriya tera’. . . . . Really itz awesome. . . . My desire also to be a great a worshiper like amit. K. . . . Now, im 17 year old and my desire n my view of life to be a true worshiper for God. . . . . And ur band gives so many inspirations to me. . .thanx to God n thnx to AAGHAZ. . . . lv u ol. . . .

  3. Debbie Sudheer

    What exactly is AAGHAAZ?

    • Amit Kamble

      Hey.. Do you want to know the meaning of aaghaaz? It’s a Urdu Word which simply means “a beginning”
      And if you want to know if who we as Aaghaaz are, then you may want to read About Us section.. God bless… 🙂

  4. Robert Jeedi

    !! Praise The Lord !!
    Greetings to The Team Aaaghaaz in the name of Lord !
    Hello Bro Amit. This song is simply awsm , the first time i heard the song was at the practice session of our church day celebration. the son is really touching.
    I loved the song ” Aasma se Bhi ” .
    You all are doing a great job, Stay blessed and take the word through worship to many others.
    My greetings and prayers will be with the team.

    Please do let me know is there any other way to be in touch with all of you.
    Give the updates if you are having any event here in Pune as i am in Pune as of Now.
    Thank You!

  5. Lovepreet Singh

    There is huge anointing in your songs especially ‘Udhaar Hai’, Whenever I sing it in congregation there is mighty presence of God!
    You all songs are so blessed you you too bhaiya are a blessing to our country
    God Bless you and use you more mightily

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