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God is busy. But busy in what? He is busy in making NEW THINGS. Always!


What if a very trust worthy person comes to your door and says, I want to trade all your house furniture which has gone old with a brand new one? Within no time we will trade because firstly we trust that person and secondly is that we are getting all New Furniture! The same thing our Father in Heaven did with us. He exchanges our old, used, torn and filthy life with the life of Jesus!


Right from the beginning if we look from Genesis, we see that God has always done New Things! Even today He wants to do a New Thing in our lives. Coz the New Life that He gave us is still temporary. He will soon take us to “New Heavens New Earth”.


These are some 13 Hand Picked “New Things” that God did in those days:


  1. NOAH : God told Noah to build an ARK far away from water. That was a saving plan of God for the creation. And yes, it was a New Thing back then. Those who believed were saved.
  2. JONAH : God wanted him to go Tarshish, but he misses. But God had a plan for him. And Jonah had to live for 3 days in the fish’s stomach. Something strange right? But God did this New Thing!
  3. MOSES : When there was no escape, God thought of a New Thing – To Part the Sea! Again when the people where thirsty. God told Moses to hit his ROD to a rock. The 1st water fountain was seen by the people. This again was a New Thing!
  4.  JOHSUA: God told him to tell the people to shout out lout and go round the Jericho wall to bring it down. This was a New Thing that God did!
  5. ELISHA : It was God who gave Elisha this idea to tell Naman to go dip himself seven times for healing. New Thing!
  6. JESUS : Turned water into wine!
  7. JESUS : He walked on the Water, to pull out the faith of Peter.
  8. JESUS : Out of 2 fish and 5 loaves He fed more than 5000 people. New Thing right!!!
  9. HOLY SPIRIT: The Holy Spirit came over all the 120 people and they spoke in tongues.
  10. PETER : He preached and  3000 got saved
  11. PETER : He walked and with his shadow people were healed
  12. PAUL : Paul’s piece of clothing healed people.
  13. MOSES : THE BRONZE SERPENT! Numbers 21:5

It never ends here. God is still working. Working NEW THINGS. For You and Me.


  1. Cindrella Prakash

    Loved it! Thank you for the reminder 🙂

  2. Its really deeply blessing word ,,m truly blessed to blessed others….God bless you …

  3. Reena Clifton

    Indeed, HE is a God of Newness & freshness…..I claim a NEW THING according to His will, in my family !!!

  4. Akaash Vandre

    Woww…! Just Loved it…!!

  5. Leena

    GBU for reminding…… S our God is an awesome God…..

  6. pankaj

    I love u JESUS….. He is making me New……..

  7. Vikram Singh Rao

    Yes HE is Making Everything New…… I need HIM everyday to renew

  8. jeevan konda


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